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MSHSAA Summer AD Workshop LTC Classes - 2017  -   MSHSAA Bldg., Columbia, MO  -  
07/24/17 08:00 AM

What, Where, When
What: MSHSAA Summer AD Workshop LTC Classes - 2017

Where: To be held at the MSHSAA Bldg., Columbia, MO

When - July 24th at 2:00 pm for the LTC 502 Athletic Administration: Principles, etc., AND LTC 506 Legal Issues II

- July 25th at 8:00 am for the LTC 508 Athletic Administration: Legal Issues III AND LTC 714 Dealing w/ Challenging Personalities

Online Pricing
Cost for each workshop is $100.

When paying online, please print off an invoice for your records/receipt. The cc'd company will send you via email a confirmation when paying with a cc'd NOT IWR.

No refunds.

For further questions regarding these LTC Classes, please contact Don Rothermich via email drothermich@charter.net or telephone 314-822-7417