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Excelsior Springs Strongest Man Competition 2014  -   Excelsior Springs, MO  -  
06/28/14 01:00 PM

What, Where, When
What - Excelsior Springs Strongest Man Competition.

Where - WaterFest; Hall of Waters - Excelsior Springs, MO.

When - Saturday, June 28, 2014; competition begins at 1:00 pm.

NOTE: This event is open to everyone and participants do not have to be an Anytime Fitness member to participate. Family and friends are invited to watch and provide support. You must be at least 13 years of age to participate. For rules, feel free to contact event director, Mark T. Harmon, Anytime Fitness at 816-405-3856.

Registration Fee and Packet Pick-Up
Entry fee for ATLAS now thru June 21st - $33.00; Late registration fee for ATLAS from June 22 - 26 - $43.50 (includes administrative fee for both)

Entry fee for individual events ie. Bench, Dead Lift, and Battle of Bench now thru June 21st - $22.50; Late registration fee for individual events from June 22 - 26 at 9:00 am - $27.75

No refunds!!

All participants that preregister will receive a free t-shirt! If you do not preregister we cannot guarantee you a t-shirt

Trophies will be awarded to 1st place in each weight class and division, biggest overall bench for male & female, best coefficient lifter for male & female, and raw.

Single and Multi-ply are for personal bests only.

Battle of the Bench: Most reps of your body weight will win a special award and bragging rights!

Weight Classes & Divisions
Weight Classes Men: 114.5 pounds and below, 123.5 lbs., 132.25 lbs., 148.75 lbs, 165.25 lbs., 181.75 lbs., 198.25 lbs, 220.25 lbs, 242.5 lbs., 275.5 lbs., 308.25 lbs, SHW 308.75 lbs. to unlimited.

Weight Classes Women: 97.0 pounds and below, 105.75 lbs., 114.5 lbs., 123.75 lbs., 132.25 lbs., 148.75 lbs., 165.25 lbs., 181.75 lbs., 198 lbs., 198.25 lbs., SHW 198.5 lbs. to unlimited.

Divisions: Open (13+), Tenn I (13-15), Teen II (16-17), Teen III (18-19), Junior I (20-23), Junior II (24-27), Junior III (28-31), Sub Master (32-34), Sub Master II (35-39), Master I (40-44), Master II (45-49), Master III (50-54), Master IV (55-59), Master V (60-64), Master VI (65-69), Master VII (70-74), Master VIII (75-79), Master X (80 and over).

For questions regarding online registration and/or payment processing, please contact Denise Schilling at 314-522-6176 or via email denise@iWantRegistered.com

For questions regarding the event itself, please contact Event Director Mark T. Harmon at 816-405-3856 or via email kcpatriot@gmail.com